Do you need new ideas on ways to maintain your gate? Here you can find clever tips related to gate repairs

The following tips have been especially created to help the owners and users of electric gates make full use of these advanced systems. Read them carefully and follow them closely to get the best possible results in the end. Keep returning back to them without hesitation whenever the need arises.

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Looking for informative tips about gates and their maintenance? How about checking out the ones here below! You will discover some very smart ideas on ways to keep gates and all their parts in excellent condition and avoid injuries. Find out more about gates just by spending a few moments reading the following suggestions

Proper gate installation is the basis of good maintenance

No matter how diligently you perform maintenance work on your gate or even if you pay for professional gate maintenance service, you cannot avoid the eventual need for proper gate repair or adjustment if your gate is not properly installed. Our gate repair professionals in Fountain Valley want to emphasize how important proper installation is, especially for gates with automatic openers.

Understand the concept of lubrication

Before applying lubrication on your gate, you have to understand why it is being done. The main point in doing it is to reduce friction that hampers the proper movement of a gate. This reduced friction allows the gate to move smoothly, thereby allowing the automatic or electric gate opener to work efficiently and be able to last longer.

Lubricate the sliding gate chain with the use of a cloth

This method is highly effective, very easy to use and won’t cause any mess. Apply a generous amount of grease on the lint-free cloth. Axle grease is a good choice, but it pays off to check exactly what your opener’s manufacturer recommends. Then hold the cloth in your hand and run it along the entire length of the chain. Make sure that all sides of the chain are covered.

Check swing gate posts for damage and misalignment

Rusty metal and rotting wood are serious causes for concern and require immediate attention. Get the posts fixed or they may collapse unexpectedly. Watch out for signs of post leaning and sinking. The most common ones include misalignment and difficulties with opening and closing. A post which is sinking and/or leaning should be reinforced immediately.

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