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Find valuable answers to various important questions in the field of gates. This page is dedicated to providing useful information to everyone who owns and uses such systems. When well informed, you can take the right action in any situation, and enjoy the required safety and security.

Sliding Gate Chain Replacement & Wheels Repair Services

How often gates should be replaced?

There is not a fixed time for gate replacement. Though, you must consider the reasons why you have installed it in the first place. If the gate fails to offer proper security, has a hard time moving, your safety is often threatened, many parts are rotten and the material is extensively worn, gate repair won't be the solution. In such occasions, our experts recommend replacing it.

Is it necessary to install gate intercoms along with openers?

Gate intercom installation is a smart new age access control solution for many properties, but it's not required. You might have the most modern residential gate opener but not an intercom. You can get access to your home through a gate opener keypad and still don't have an intercom. It's up to you!

What type of gate should I buy?

Depends on the space you have at the entrance of your property. If you have limited space, rolling gate would be the best.

Why is my swing gate slipping while working with the opener?

This indicates that the opener uses too much or too little force to operate the gate. The only way to confirm this is to use a test. The test involves holding the end of the gate while it is in motion and measuring the force. Both the test and the adjustment should be done professionally as there is a considerable safety risk involved.

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