Things to Know About Electric Gate Repair

Things to Know About Electric Gate Repair

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Electric gates have become a very important component of every household. They offer a sense of security to the home as thieves and robbers cannot bypass them so easily, and provide a modern look to the home as well. However, as is the case with all electric products they can develop various issues, and you might face inconvenient situations. In such circumstances, it becomes essential to call a maintenance service to check on your gate, or perform a special electric gate repair. For that end, you can always count on Gate Repair Fountain Valley for assistance.

Common Issues You Might Experience

Things to Know About Electric Gate RepairElectric gates are composed of a number of different components but among them, the most important ones are its motor, wheels, gate opener and sensor. If these components are working properly then there will be no issues with your gate. However, if they any of them is faulty, then the gate would not open and start to malfunction.

The electric gate motor is responsible for the movement of the gate. If the motor is not working properly then the gate would not move from its place. In order to get the gate working again, you need to repair it. Thus, if the gate is not opening then the motor might be at fault for it.

The sensor is yet another crucial part of the system. As the name suggests, it can detect objects on the gate's path. This way, when you drive your car through it, it shouldn't close until it detects a fully clear path. Should anything happen to the sensor, the gate is not safe to use and it must be taken care of as soon as possible.

If you encounter such a situation then call us for a same day emergency service to get your electric gate fixed as quickly as possible.

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