Swinging VS Sliding Gates

Swinging VS Sliding Gates

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The decision of purchasing and installing an electric gate for your driveway is the easy part. The difficult part before the actual installation is now whether to have a sliding gate or a swinging one. Both have their benefits, but they also have their detriments. Here is how to figure out which type of gate is best for your home.

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Swinging VS Sliding GatesHomeowners facing the decision of which type of electric gate to install often take aesthetic factors - meaning how nice the gate is to look at - into consideration. There is also the question of how much work the homeowner is willing to put in for installation and maintenance, as well as making repairs if something goes wrong. In addition, the noise level of the gate is something to consider. How much of a certain type of sound are you willing to put up with when it comes to opening your gate? The aesthetics and sound level sound like minor and nitpicky details, but they are still to be taken seriously when deciding on the gate you want.

If the aesthetic appeal of where you live is a top priority for you, you want as little noise as possible while you open the gate, and you also want to do as little work as can be done for anything that needs to be kept up with or fixed, then a swinging gate is the right gate for you. An electric swinging gate opens and closes like a door without a need to constantly be cleaned of debris and other possible obstructions. It is also less noisy, so the good news is that you do not need to grind your teeth or flinch at any time that you have to open or close the gate.

The swinging gate is a common choice, but obviously it is not for everyone looking to install an electric gate. There is always the option of a sliding gate. This kind of gate would work well if you have any kind of landscaping that would be a nuisance to always be mindful of and get out of the way, such as rocks and trees. Another reason to consider this gate is if you have a sloping driveway. Flat ground is key for the swinging gate to work properly without a hitch. A sliding gate will also be beneficial for those homeowners who have tight or enclosed spaces. If you have confinement issues or you are worried about visitors or family members accidentally getting hit by the gate, then this is the gate for you.

Everyone knows that different gates work for different people, and you know what works for you. If you need any further help, feel free to give us at Gate Repair Fountain Valley a call.

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